Paleocene mammal faunas

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In most regions of the world, Paleocene mammals occur in a limited number of well-separated "faunas". Such a fauna (which may also be called a "local fauna") can combine fossils from several localities which are geographically close and which are assumed to represent approximately the same time of deposition. If such a local fauna is sufficiently well known, it may give a rough picture of the mammal fauna existing in a certain area at a certain point in time, like a kind of snapshot of mammal life. On many continents, we know just a few faunas of Paleocene mammals. Each single fauna is then an important reference.

Since scientific work on a certain fauna is often ongoing, identification of fossils belonging fauna may change, or completely new genera or species may be described. This means that the content of a certain fauna may be continually changing, even if the fauna has been known for a long time. To facilitate keeping track of such changes for myself and others, I provide faunal lists for regions with a limited number of local faunas (which means I do not plan to cover the vast number of Paleocene faunas known from North America!).

For each fauna, information on location and age is given, together with a list of references that were used to compile the faunal list.


Faunal lists

Paleocene mammal faunas of Europe

Paleocene mammal faunas of South America (New)


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