North American Fossil Mammal Systematics Database

North American Mammalian Paleofaunal Database

Two extensive databases on North American fossil mammals maintained by John Alroy. The first one concentrates on their taxonomy, the second one on their occurrences. For North American forms you can find here some information not contained in my database, such as more detailed taxonomic histories or occurences beyond the type locality. In some cases I resorted to this database to supplement my own data, but with these few exceptions my compilation is independent.

Bibliography of Fossil Vertebrates - Database for literature on vertebrate paleontology.

Paleomap Project - Global maps for different epochs in earth history.

PaleoNet (West) / PaleoNet (East) - Paleontological resources.

PaleoNet - Geological column - Paleocene - Source page for Paleocene research, unfortunately not updated any more.

When crocodiles ruled - An excellent online exhibition of the Sicence Museum of Minnesota on a Paleocene ecosystem, Wannagan Creek in North Dakota.

Hell Creek Life - Fauna and flora in Montana and the Dakotas immediately before the Paleocene.

The Fossil Mammal Hall - An introduction to fossil mammals.

Mesozoic Eucynodonts - An internet directory on Mesozoic mammals, also including some Early Cenozoic representatives of the respective groups


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